JFGI Acronym - JFGI Meaning

jfgi meaning/ jfgl/ jgfi/ jfg/giyf

Are you familiar with the term JFGI as the new acronym which is currently sweeping all over the net these days? Well, actually this is the first time that I heard about the JFGI term that stands for “Just f**king Google it”.

In accordance with the Urban Dictionary, the newly discovered acronym JFGI is commonly used when people are asking some silly questions without consulting Mr. G beforehand.

However, there are some people who claim that the JFGI acronym was made because of the endless demand of a multinational company that requires employees to use an acronym for anything and everything, the more undecipherable the better.

There is even a much cultured version they called GIYF, which stands for “Google is your Friend”. Oh well, I guess the JFGI acronym sounds better for me, so its your pick.


NJ Car Insurance / PA Auto Insurance Quotes

Everyone knows they must carry some form of car insurance. Most if not all require at least basic liability in order to purchase a license plate and the fines are stiff if you are caught without it!

Therefore, every person in the nation with a car will have to get auto insurance. The question is how much insurance do you have to have? The answer of course is it depends. If you have a newer vehicle you are still making payments on the chances are better than average that you will be required to carry full coverage vehicle insurance. This can be very expensive depending on your age, gender, driving record and the type of vehicle you own.

There are few ways you can keep even full coverage of a cheap car insurance. The first thing you need to do is examine the members of your household, do you have a teen driver or someone with less than a perfect driving record? It may be possible to exempt them from your coverage and lower the price.

However, you should know that this also prevents them from driving the vehicle, because if they were to get into an accident your policy would be void! You should also watch for any and all discounts you qualify for, multi car, multiple policies with same company, good grades for your teen driver, driver education and others.

If you have a vehicle that is not under a loan, you can limit your car insurance to liability only. Many people will tell you this is not a good idea because of the small amounts they pay, however if you have driven for many years without an accident and you simply cannot afford a larger policy, liability is better than no vehicle insurance at all.

So get online quotes from a reliable but cheap auto insurance in your area. If you are residents of New Jersey or Pennsylvania and been searching for affordable NJ auto insurance or PA car insurance quotes, there is one dedicated auto insurance company called IFA which is committed to provide you low rates insurance coverage with professional service and convenient payment options for NJ car insurance and PA car insurance. Check out their website at ifaauto.com for further details.

Crocodile Needlefish

Crocodile Needlefish
People wonder what is a Crocodile Needlefish. Many people talk about their encounter with this fish called Crocodile Needlefish. Is it dangerous? Yes it is dangerous enough to injure people with its sharp snout. It’s not a deep fish but lives on shores and this is the reason why many people have been hurt, especially in Hawaii. Other than its bad reputation, the crocodile needlefish looks like long skinny ordinary fish with long beaks.

Charter On Demand

I just love Fridays, this is our bonding time with the family after a whole week of work by watching movie marathon. We are so glad we switched to Charter Digital and get unlimited access to Charter on Demand. Isn’t it great to get stuff for free? After switching to Digital Charter, I noticed that we seldom rent movies anymore because we can just watch it directly on our TV set. It saves us more money and time in going back and forth to rent and return the DVD to the local video store in the neighborhood.

The great advantage of having a Charter on Demand is that, you can suit your time in watching your favorite TV programs which always happen especially if you are busy at work. That’s the reason why I love Charter on Demand because I can watch my fave shows during my free time particularly on weekend.
My husband and I enjoy watching documentaries and movies and with Charter on Demand, we have access to over 6,000 movies and shows right at our fingertips. While my toddler loves watching his favorite cartoons any time.

If you wish to keep your updates from Charter, you can learn more at charter.net/ondemand while you can get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page. Once you subscribe from Charter, you will enjoy the benefits particularly from their On Demand service.


Pumpkin Patterns Free

The Halloween is fast approaching and its only a week away for the big event here in America where people enjoy the trick and treats particularly the Halloween party. Aside from that, who's going to forget about the pumpkin carving?

Most people are trying to carve their pumpkin with no success, but here's the good news, you can now download the patterns of your pumpkin using the carving designs and ideas you can get from this website.

try to google the Pumpkin patterns free and you will be surprise to learn that there are lots of sites that offer free patterns for your pumpkin carvings. You should check, it's not too late to start your carving your pumpkins now.


Fix Your Credit Now

Have you ever denied for credit card? Have you ever denied for car loans? Maybe you already knew your credit was damaged due to bankruptcy or other financial difficulties which caused you to be where you are. Living with bad credit is very hard to live where credit means everything here in US.

Without having good credit, most of the companies like phone companies, gas companies and etc.., require good amount of deposits. However, there are ways to repair credit or fix your credit. In order to fix your credit, there are steps one needs to follow.

First of all, find out what is the cause of your bad credit as sometimes, it is not your fault of having a bad credit. It is recommend to review your credit report twice a year to see if there are any activities you are not aware of. Identity theft is the biggest problem causing bad credit without knowing it therefore, getting a credit report is essential.

If the credit card is the issue, then call the credit card company and negotiate the issue and solve one by one. Sometimes, just only you alone is hard to fix your credit. Therefore, find the reliable company who can fix it for you. In a long run, the offset amount spent on fixing the credit is a lot better than leaving it alone. There are some payments or loans that cannot be avoidable and need to pay even if you file bankruptcy. Therefore, study a little about how to fix your credit and start repairing your credit now.

What is Degos disease or Dago disease

The Degos disease (sometimes mistaken as Dago disease) is also called malignant atrophic papulosis, it is a rare obstructive vasculopathy of unknown origin, characterized by visceral involvement,distinctive skin lesions and an unfavorable outcome.

Degos disease can affects the lining of the small blood vessels resulting in occlusion (blockage). Degos disease has an effect generally in multiple organs as is considered as a serious illness that can result to death within 2-3 years. However, the Degos disease creates an impact particularly in the small and medium sized arteries because it can blocked the arteries causing the blood flow being restricted.

The treatment options are very limited that consist primarily of Anti-platelet drugs, immuno suppressants or anticoagulants and the effect is determined to case to case basis.

Moreover, you can find more information if you visit this site, http://tray.dermatology.uiowa.edu/Degos01.htm or degosdisease.com to have better understanding about this type of disorder.

Ceiling Fans Discount

Ceiling Fans DiscountThe Ceiling fans are widely used in United States for many purposes. Some might install the ceiling fan for purely ornamental purpose while others actually install it for fan uses.

Even though the ceiling has been around for hundred years, it is still used today by lot of people all over the world. However, today the ceiling fan uses much less energy than conventional ceiling fans and AC. The ceiling fan, it can be costly than regular fans but it can actually be cheaper when you look around for bargains. One place you can find bargain is at Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. You can find ceilings fans everywhere, but not may people are expert specializing in only ceiling fans.

There are probably hundreds style of ceiling fans out there. The ceiling fan are either use to cool or heating purposes because there are so many choices, one might need to ask the expert which ceiling fans are appropriate for their home. Depending on how high one's ceiling and electric knowledge, it is advisable not to do alone installing ceiling fans.

Therefore, ask the experts in Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans if you need assistance as it doesn't cost at all to call.

Richard Castle's Heat Wave book

Richard Castle's Heat Wave book
I f you are a fan of the ABC hit show Castle, Im sure your will like also the newly released novel Heat Wave by Richard Castle that features Nikki Heat, the character based on Stana Katic's role as Beckett.

The novel is very entertaining written by Richard Castle, the main guy in the hit ABC show and popular author of the mega hit Derrick Storm mystery novels.

However, the ABC is playing the re-run of the first season from the Castle since summer while the first 10 chapters of his book will be posted on the abc.com that started last 10th of August.


Broadband Providers Forum

W hether it is in USA or UK, the term broadband refers to a high-speed internet access. Over the years, the way how we access to internet has changed in many ways. During the old days, internet access was mainly connected through phone lines and was very limited in speed.

With wide options of high tech devices, the UK Broadband offers many options to users as there are many internet providers that give different advantages. Due to high speed internet access, users have more options in choosing the right provider that meet their requirements.

Some people preferred high speed telephone lines internet access while others preferred fiber optic cable internet access. Some UK Broadband providers gives newest 4G access. Most of USA internet users and mobile users are into 3G networks which gives faster speed of internet access than WiFi but many providers are now transferring to 4G network.

Whether in UK or USA, users always want faster internet access due to high tech gaming industry as well as streaming movies online. With the stiff competition among internet providers, broadband has become cheaper and faster in every parts of world.

Its really hard to tell which broadband carriers is better than others. Depending on the place one lives, it can really affect the speed sometimes. Oftentimes, one has no choice but to go with one carrier because of the location. When you check the UK Broadband forum, one can discuss which service provider in pros and cons.

Jennifer Hudson Baby Picture with David Otunga Jr.

David Otunga Jr - Jennifer Hudson baby
C heck out the new addition to Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga's family. His name is David Otunga Jr, he was born on 10th of August via C-section and is now the apple of the eyes of her Oscar winner Mom Jennifer.

According to Jennifer Hudson, his little Jr loves to sleep, eat and listen to lullabies and she couldn't feel any happier than her new role as a new mommy to David Otunga Jr. Photo courtesy of people.com


Best Registry Cleaner / Free Registry Cleaner

K eeping your PC clean has become easier than before. There are many softwares that are able to do repair registry as well as cleaning virus.

With one click, all your registry issues can be resolved so your computer can run like new. There are also free registry cleaner but one must be careful choosing the software. Computer registry is hard complex codes and average computer user probably not understand what is registry. Repairing registry can actually do more damages and one might just delete the crucial item needed to run window properly. At the end, one is finally considering reformatting hard drive.

Using computers and browsing website is part of our daily life. The way the computer is being written with constant changes by downloading new programs or getting infected with foreign virus is still unknown to most of us. So we are left wondering why all of sudden, the computer becomes slow in responding, getting error messages, the programs are not functioning, system is freezing, DLL errors or lot of pop up ads.

There are good registry cleaner who can do the job. With one click, most of the issues can be resolved. It is highly recommended to invest on good registry cleaner. Most of identity theft comes from computers that are not protected. Therefore ask people who knows about computers and they might recommend which registry cleaner is right for you.

Paycheck Calculator

payroll calculator / free paycheck calculator / paycheck city / paycheck calculator by state / salary paycheck calculator

Have you ever wonder how your payroll is calculated? Paycheck calculators are now essential for everyone. If one is on salary basis, hourly wages or even business owner who wants to calculate to exact amount, one can easily found the answers.

With popular website like Bank rate Website or GWRS.com, one can easily input their hourly wages and states live in, the website will tell you exact to penny what to expect on your next payroll. This tool is very useful tool to self check if you are been paid correctly and to government. Calculating payroll is essential these days to find out who much take home is or in future.


Affordable Weekend Getaway at Hilton Branson

I have learned that Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel is hosting a Cooking School weekend on 16th -17th of October. That would be real fun tasting the cooking demonstration along with the appetizers and wine tasting. Surely the food will be sumptuous because it would be prepared by the hotel's own chef Nathan Read who is widely known as a very good chef.

Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel
Participants will experience the overgenerous 4 course dinner matched with wines while learning how to prepare the featured meals the next day which are boasted as the perfect menus for the forthcoming holiday season.

My love for cooking enticed me to spend the weekend at Branson if only I have learned it earlier, I would be able to arrange and plan ahead hubby's work schedule. But to those lucky enough who have time to spend a weekend at Branson, you can take advantage of their package promotion that includes deluxe accommodations at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel for just $398+ tax in 2 nights.

That is one affordable weekend getaway and to think that you will be staying in one of the luxurious hotel at Hilton while getting an easy access to boutiques, shops, restaurants, river walk and other endless attractions the place could offer. So if you live nearby the area or you are planning a weekend holiday for a change, why not make a reservation at Hilton today? You can save more money while enjoying the posh accommodations along with the wine tasting and cooking training you will surely love.