To quit smoking you need a terrific willpower or a smart idea that will render all the suffering associated to quitting, useless. Many choose the first path and following a couple of days or weeks of torment, give up or succeed on short term, only to relapse after a while. There are millions who tried this and the fact that they are still smoking, is a silent testament of how effective this solution is.

The second category is made of people who realized that smoking was killing them and chose the harmless electronic cigarette as a substitute. Nicotine is the one responsible for creating addiction, and it is this substance that makes people feel miserable when they are deprived of smoking. An electronic cigarette has nicotine and allows you to choose the precise dose, which means that the transition will be silky smooth.

What this elegant device doesn’t contain is the tar, ash and tens of poisonous chemicals that regular cigarettes are full of. While you enjoy smoking, none will tell you to get outside the room because you are poisoning them, as nothing but water vapors are produced. It is the ultimate way of fighting addition without consequences.

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