I changed my layout once again, I guess I'm trying to get rid of the old design and its time for me to change. It's been a while I was contemplating to create a new header but I was sidelined for a month due to a very personal matter.

After I came back from Taipei, I experience a terrible jet lag so I tried to use my time to create something new and pleasing to the eye so I chose green background. At least, it came out neat and clean. So for time being, this will be my new lay out for now. Hope you like it.

18 Say Something:

Wow summer na summer ang dating, i like it!

NagoOT to BH hehehe, i am in agony and can't sleep..

What a gorgeous new layout! Very pretty header and cute photos! I wish I know how to make layouts or better yet attractive headers such as this. Good way of spending time huh?!

Totoo ka, Umma! Napakainit talaga dito ngayon. Kaya kailangan lagi ang shower!

Change is good. And you never disappoint us with your art. The new look is very pleasing to the eyes. Love it!

I love your new layout, Mei Nue Umma. It's really pleasing to look at and the colors are so soothing and sweet. Good job!

Try to sleep, dear. Rest more and wake up pretty pretty..hehe. :D

hehehe, lahat talaga new!

new laptop, new hairdo, new layout.
di na ko magugulat kung pti header ni YL bago na din :)

maganda siya Ums, very refreshing sa eyes! :)

Hello pretty Umma, i like this new look.. Yes it's neat..very catching ang color..at msarap sa mata..you did a very good job here...I like the header as well..you are very creative...

hello Umma.. i love this new template.. especially your photo and your kid's photo on the header. really pretty.

have a great day!!!

i luv it!!! :)

New layout...
A change can do good sometimes.. :)

aw! i love it mare!! galing mo talga sa mga designs.. talented na gorgeous pa.. am so proud na kumare kita! hahaah :)

i love ur photos ni YL sa header.. :)

very refreshing sa eyes c: I gues that is why I love green c:

It's so beautiful Mareng Umma. Can you give my Youngster's Park a make over?, I want to put my kid's pictures on the header? and the background would be everything about kids..If you have the time..

Uu nga friend.Just perfect for the summer.;D

Nice new look.. I belive every creation from your hand will look great!

simple and charming! nice :)

The new layout looks grat.

I love the new lay-out!!All new yata lahat kay Mommy Umma ah!

Tapos na ang bakasyon ng mga bata at last Monday pa nag-start ang school nila.
Ingat po palagi,Mommy Umma!Have a complete rest!^_^

woi abi nako ug nasaag ko...hehehe..as always very impressive jud imong mga designs sistah....it reflects your personality...very pretty...:)

very pleasing sa mata talaga sistah...you did a fantastic job...yehey! grabi ka..kung ano-ano nalang ang nagagawa mo...hehehe..tong jetlag talagang ito...nakkaloka....:)

hala sige sistah..till next time nasad...left a mensahe on your baby blog...;) see you around...au-au permi...mwah!