IceBloc - Hip-Hop Grew up to be the Essence of Cool

M usic is what keeps us alive and inspired. I believe most of us love the sound of music and just like me, it keeps me happy and feeling alive. Today most kids and young adults are more fascinated with the new hip hop artists and the new genre songs.

And when you think about hip hop, what artist comes to your mind? Jay-Z, Kanye West, IceBloc? What, never heard about IceBloc? Common' they are the industry's newest dynamic duo, Tag Team Champs in a weight class all their own…. I.C.E BLOC!

The name I.C.E Bloc has two obvious parts. The acronym I.C.E comes from their parent company/label Infinite Cash Entertainment. The word BLOC (block) represents where they came from...the hood, the block, the streets. IceBloc is made up of two guys, whose names are John Keys and Vernon Norfleet. They also go by the names J DOT and Vito, respectively.

They are one of the top artists who came up with a newly released album called Krankmuzik. Their new album sounds great and has songs like Put it in the Air, Drop Roll, RideSlow, Bout Dat Guap and my favorite is In My Trunk ReMastered because of the beat . These songs can be previewed or listened from IceBloc.com or go to their MySpace page to listen for free at myspace.com/iceblocmusic.

I have to admit, time had changed and I am finding myself with diversified tastes in music. I have started to listen to different music on the radio. One station I like has started to play a lot of hip hop music. And I am starting to like some of the new music.

So if hip hop music is something you like or if you are searching for a type of music that is new and up beat, then I recommend taking the time to review their website and listen to some of their songs available on IceBloc’s MySpace page where you can review and download for free. For all the latest on I.C.E BLOC visit www.iceblocmusic.com


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