Angels and Demons Movie

I 've been itching to watch this new movie of Tom Hanks but we cannot go to see this movie yet because of our little whiner is quite small to be taken inside the theater. The movie has already hit the theather last 15th of May and now its almost 2 weeks past but still I am consoling myself to be more patient or else Im going to lose one's nerve in second.

I believe, this movie is filled with thrill and suspense similar to the last released DaVinci Code. I did watch DaVinci Code and my heart throbbed with excitement while watching. I even read the hardbound book hubby bought for me couple of years ago. I couldn't stopped reading it, so I did finish reading it for a day. Well, I wasn't pregnant that time and I have all the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do.

Anyway, this movie was been highly anticipated and Im having this intense desire to watch this one. However, hubby was been comforting me to wait a little bit so he can get a copy of the video real soon. Waaah.. the wait still on.

Did anyone here was able to catch this movie?


mommy jac said...

You better watch this film!I just watched angels and demons in theater and I think the quality of the film is great and I absolutely loved the movie,everything about it. It wasn't long, it wasn't boring, the story was cool, and it also had a nice little twist at the end.

chubskulit said...

Sounds interesting..

ghieGANDA said...

hehe.. sana mapanood mo na to mommy ums. ako naku, d ko na ata maalala when was the last time i watched a film in a movie theater. hehe.. d ko pa dn to napapanood. naku ang trip ko kasing films romantic comedy eh. hahaha..

salamat sa visits mo ha? naku am feeling better na. totoo nga ba? d ko pa sure. heheh.. pero muka nmng may improvement. am halfway between the stage of denial and acceptance. =)

kaw? musta?

Seiko said...

I'd seen the DaVinci Code & I felt the same way too.And hindi ko pa din napapanood itong Angels & Demon medyo busy pa rin kasi eh.
Btw,thanks for the compliments nga pala & actualy kakagraduate pa lang ng eldest ko from her senior in High School & she's on her first year in college giggle...Thank you always sis..for the visit & for the friendship as well.. giggle...take care always!Hugs!

Cookie said...

waah umma, same here. I've been dying to watch this since movie the 15th of May pa but we can't bring Chloe inside the movie house with this kind of film (at ayaw din nya ng mga violent or suspense na film)

Did you read the book, too? In my opinion lang ha, I find Angels & Demons much much interesting in Dan Brown's books, hehe :D

Dhemz said...

ayaw ni hubby mag watch kami ani nga movie sistah...he doesn't want to watch Ron Howard's film....hubby is very conservative...so no choice...lol!

Na korek ka jud sistah..been 3 year na bya mi waka panood ng sine...sa IMAX 3D movies lang bya me taman kay si Akesha mag whine dayon....:) usahay sad sistah sa drive-in theater me...nice man sad ang ambience kay mura sad mo ug ga date ba...hehehe..naka try naba ka anang drive-in theater sistah?