Be True to Yourself

I t's so amazing how days fly too fast, and before we realize it, its already month of June. But my best loved month of the year starts in October because it will signals the cool air yet sunny day in Cali. It's also the time to anticipate the forthcoming holidays like Halloween,Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. With that in mind, I can imagine the smell of the pumpkin spice candle while engaging myself in a little bit of housecleaning and organizing. See? so much stuff waiting in front of me.
Anyway, notice the above saying? Do you know how does it mean to be true to yourself? I must admit, Im sort of a slight perfectionist, I understand that it is not actually an ideal thing because oftentimes I cant do anything correctly too. Being a mom, a wife or a friend I often find myself pleasing others but in certain occasion, I never cease to satisfy my own will. In this universe full of skepticism and doubts, I guess it is more easier for us to feel blue or inadequate.

But for me, I try to control when I need to put a stop during my busy days and just enjoy my baby. Watching my baby play and laugh, kissing him or smelling his neck, I am just glad and thankful right there and right then. Of course he is not going to stay little forever so I cherish each moment with him. So gotta be true to ourselves.

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chubskulit said...

Enjoy the moment Mommy nans!