Hot in the Hive: White Nail Polish

Scarlett Johansson

Natasha Bedingfield

there's this polish on Hayden Pannetierre
which only barely qualifies as white—
it's really a very light pink.

C an you feel the warm weather now? It means that Memorial Day is fast approaching and as what they say from one traditional fashion rule - wearing white is officially in. Got a clue here from Scarlett Johansson and test it to paint on your nails.

Hmm.. Im hesitating to try this kind of trend because I have a light brown complexion and at one instance I did a french manicure, despite that its only the tips are painted white. Yet, I feel like my nails are coated on with white-out. However, I still like the idea of a clear polish with a pinkish tint for a clean and neat look especially for my toes.

But I could try this one though but I may choose more of a off white color instead. I believe off-white looks trendy and the shade looks particularly nice with suntanned skin and summery clothes, like brights and pastels.

Do you think it looks fresh on you, I mean refreshing. Well, I like it too but I cant help but think that someone took a bottle of White-out and went to town.


amiable amy said...

You know what? Even if I like it, taman ra jud tawon ko sa admiration. I can not apply a nail polish sa akoa nails kay madaut man ako nail , the very next day. Contented nalang ko sa akoa normal nga nail color. Payak na payak jud ko noh?

{ Jhari } said...

Oh yes! I totally love the white polish. I'm using the Pinkish one on my feet Mommy. It looks clean kasi. Wanted to put on my hands but cannot grow my nails too long since it might scratch Bb Julia's soft skin :(

niko said...

weeeee! mare u know nmn diba si yena pinaglihi ko kay hayden panettiere? heheh nakaktuwa mktita toe nails nia here.. gusto ko ung kulay ng nail polish.. kaya lng no time nmn magpagandayan ang mare mo noh?!

when i dnt have things to do at mag pose pose n lng like them papakulay ako ng ganyan sa mga nails ko lagi hahaha

your D is right mare.. health is more impt. kasi super tired kn nga sa wiii tapos magpupuyat ka pa.. take a rest din mare ko.. minsan kelangan din magpahinga ni super woman :D