How to Reduce Blemishes on your Face

I have one Korean friend who has a very nice complexion... Shhh.. actually Im so jealous of her having an almost flawless skin but I guess most of the Korean girls have a gorgeous skin similar to Japanese. So one fine day, I asked her what's her secret in maintaining her flawless skin. She revealed to me that she is actually using lemon.

I didnt know how lemon is the best thing available in our own kitchen, so I actually tried using lemon to my face. I mixed the lemon juice with little sugar and rub it gently on my face leaving it on the skin for at least 10 minutes. I did this religiously for more than a month and it really worked.

Also she teaches me another secret that I want to share with you, try soaking almonds in water overnight , the next morning you can make a paste and add some honey and lemon juice to it. Apply this on your face everyday for at least 15 minutes, the result .. tadaaa.. a beautiful blemish free skin with a clear complexion.

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