Laughter is Good for the Soul

E verybody has somewhat dissimilar sense of what's funny is all about. But in one scenario where our funny bone is being titillated by something, we encounter it as humorous because the limbic brain system reacts by interrupting our breathing.

Simultaneously, our facial nerves create an easy to perceive set of movements and whenever something is real funny, our face turns red and our tear ducts get in the action too making our eyes to water.

Laughing is not barely effective in defeating a case of sniffles. In reality, it is an effective instrument versus all types of physical woes - like the stress, heart problems and trouble with immune system. When experts affirm that laughter is indeed "beneficial for the soul" or the "best medicine" they are not kidding. They have learned that laughing or crying has a positive benefits to our physical and mental well being. As a matter of fact, a chuckle a day will keep the doctor away.

But the great role of laughing … it gives you a good sense of feelings. Laughter keeps us relaxed, to chill out and glad. Individual who laugh more frequently are considered more positive and have higher in spirits compare to those who seldom laughs. So get your recommended dose of laughter because there are enough styles to have a giggles.

In some manner, watching a happy movie could invariably improve my emotions much better than taking a chicken soup, ice cream, or whatever cure from the physician's office.


Dorothy L said...

Hello...I love that photo.

Laughter is definitely natures way of releasing so much stress and anxiety.

People also look much more inviting with a smile on their face as opposed to a frown :))

Have a wonderful and smiley day :)

Seiko said...

Laughter is an audible expression or appearance of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy (laughing on the inside).I love this post.Smile!Smooch!