My Love Affair with Shoes

I considered myself happy for now because I’m wearing a new pair of shoes. I know I easily fell in love and indulged but I just had to get it. I could still overheard my hubby often tells me that why I need to buy too many shoes?

But the fact is, women are just smitten with shoes. Some shoes can cost you a a large amount of wealth though money itself does not cause you to feel happy yet a pair of new shoes can take to a different degree of overwhelming emotion. Not equally as clothes, shoes has its own advantage because you can purchase all the shoes that you desire regardless you are skinny or chubby, pretty or ugly, taller or shorter. It's so amazing to realize how the shoes have the capacity to make us feel attractive, sexy or elegant in a light touch.

As for me personally, wearing the same shoes everyday is not my cup of tea, because I need my shoes to match my outfit therefore I need to change my shoes in daily basis. In spite of all, you cant just wear shoes without matching your activities plus, a collection of shoes is part of the zest of life.

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Hazelicious929 said...

I love shoes too! I need to renovate my closet for my shoes, handbags and clothes! hahahare