My Summer Bedroom Project

S ince summer has officially started, Im planning to re-paint our bedroom like shown in the above picture. I guess picking the right colors for our bedroom project can at least lighten up our room but as well as my mood. I believe colors can be greatly involved in terms of the conscious subjective aspect of our feelings or emotion. In fact, they can add the feeling of contentment or joy thus diminish the feeling of desperation. I think the stripe yellow color can bring out an optimistic effect on all possible world for us.

Decorating based on Feng Shui is the basic principle of utilizing color to "ligthen up your life". So in order to bring the balance of Chi or energy, we must encircle ourselves with numerous colors. In preparation to select colors that accentuate a distinct feature of one's mood, it is essential to familiarize how each color normally constitutes. Yet different countries and cultures might have dissimilar ideas or approach in every color, but mostly westerners can relate to the specific colors with these feelings:
Red- anger or love
Orange- enthusiasm
Yellow- joy and happiness
Green- jealousy or good luck
Blue- peace
Purple- creativity and passion
White- cleanliness
Black- sadness

Im sure I will have so much fun in choosing the right color to liven up our bedroom.

Image from Apt Therapy


katherine said...

Type ko ang Yellow and white combination sa room...parang napaka peaceful ang mind ko...hehe

Dhemz said...

woi as in? ikaw mag paint? hehhee..bongga...abi nako dka ganahan ug labor job...hhehehe...joke! ako first nako pintal sistah is among bathroom sa among condo...cherry red and black iya corner..glad our renter likes it...hehehe!

I love the combo of white and yellow...pansin ko lang sa imo these days sistah...you;re eyeeing for Mr. Yellow...is this your fave color? hehehe

lagi sistah ni? as in summer na jud...June na as in...

woi sistah, good to know...nag participate na diay si Yl sa jamboree? that is good for him...he will be able to interact with other kids...si Akesha she joined gymnastics before...nag stop lang me when me moved...pero plan namo sya ipa enroll ug balik...:)

unsa naman mga tricks na baw-an ni Yl sistah?

sos busy na diay ka ani...that is good for you as well sistah...para d lang ka permi sa bahay...hope you can share some photos to us sometimes....miss yah...:)