One Sinful Chocolate Cake

Doesn't this cake looks so yummy?

I t's no secret how Im constantly yearning for this moist chocolate cake. I can break an arm and leg just to savor the devilishly yummy chocolate while squeezing in one sip of soda. I know its not beneficial for my physical health but Im willing to sacrifice for the sake of my cravings.

I cant help it , I just simply enjoy the aroma of cakes because it gives me the sensation from my taste buds that taste delectably luxurious. Besides, it brings in my mind the memory of childhood celebrations, where mum or granny created a home-made cake and put the candles on it. For my Mum, solely the best would do whenever she brought her tasty recipes from scratch.

Advance word of advice:
You better stop remembering the calorie count when you indulge with this mouth watering moist chocolate cake.


Madz said...

your chocolate is looking lickin good, pero dili man ko hilig chocolate flavour indulgence karon nga jontis ko dhangz... donnu why.....

Musta na beauty nto dha dhangz? mingaw na jud ko nimo ba.... agi lang ko diri... mwah wmah wamh

Clarissa said...

wala sa lahi naming nagka-count ng calorie lol!!\(^0^)/kahit ano basta't cake pinapatas ng mga alaga ko dito lol!!

Hazelicious929 said...

oh my gosh! chocolate cake! my favorite! nothing beats chocolate cake Umma hehehe sarap!