Over The Top Award

I t is invariably an extraordinary feeling to be remembered by someone dear to you. As I always mention, I am so grateful to meet a lot of friends in the blogoshpere who are indeed very sweet and thoughtful as my Mareng Niko is. It's a regular thing for her to greet me everyday albeit her busy schedule at work and as a loving mother. Although sometimes, I admit I wasn't able to drop a line to her but she is constantly there for me no matter what she does.

Thank you so much Mareng Niks for all the overwhelming gesture you showered me.. you are such a sweetie and loving friend of mine. I know a friend like you is like having a precious gem you can be proud of. I firmly believe a friendship like ours would last a lifetime.

Happy Mother's Day to you.. I could only wish all the best for you. May all your Mother's day wishes will turn to reality.


niko said...

aw mare ko, naiyak ako. if only u can see my tears now. :( grabe ang post na eto ha! wag mo na uulitin at wag ka tatawag mag rarattle ako... pramis umiiyak ako now.

thank you so much mare. i know i am so loved by you kaya nga mas LOVES kita! :)

happy mother's day to you mare! sana you feel better soon. i sometimes feel so low din pero maisip lang kita feeling high na ko, di bola yan! :D

happy mother's day to you mare ko! mwah mwah mwah

Clarissa said...

awww.. that' so sweet of you^_^ang sarap ng maraming kaibigan dito sa blogosphere!!