Would You Pick Your Sweetheart Again?

You Would Pick Your Sweetheart Again!

You and your significant other are truly in love. You've connected and bonded with one another.

You have a caring, respectful relationship with lots of open communication.

That's not to say things are always ideal. What's important is that you're both committed to the working on relationship.

You don't need to look any further. You've found your perfect match... one that you'd choose again if you had to do it over.

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Clarissa said...

kung magbabago man uli ang panahon,asawa ko pa rin ang papakasalan ko^_^next toJeson Button lol!

Kumusta ka na,Mommy Umma?Ok banagplacenyo sa H1N1?Ingat kayo ha,dito saJapan,spreadingna cya at wala nakaming makitang mask for H1N1 dito(T_T)