T his will be my last post, Im still in shocked and out of words to realize that we lost another loved one. However, I am still recuperating from the loss of my beloved Mom who passed away last end of March 2009 and till now the pain is still fresh from my head. We are still in the process of recovery and been trying to recoup our life due to her unexpected departure and then another one blow came along.

I was awaken by the phone call telling me about the sad news early dawn this morning and we're taking the MIDNIGHT FLIGHT later tonight and will be staying overseas for couple of months this time. To my friends here, thank you so much for the visits. I may not be able to visit you back due to unfortunate events that shaken our family twice in a row this year.

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I'm sorry to hear and sending good thoughts your way. ~~>~~@

sorry to hear the bad news,it is really shocking in your side,hope you can coup up and be strong....Have a safe trip.

oh my mare. am sorry to hear this. i will pray for u. keep safe.

i will send you email.
take care!

sorry to hear about this,Mommy Umma!!sending my prayers to you and your family...

have a safe trip.

praying for you..

so sorry to hear the sad message :-(; will be praying for you and your family, dear...have a safe trip!

I'm so sorry to hear this. Please take care dear.

Sorry to hear about this Nans. My deep sympathy to your family. My prayers and thoughts are with you always. Have a safe trip and we shall be waiting for your safe return soon...

Love & Prayer,
Cookie (",)

Sad to hear about that. Condolence to you and your family for the demise of another loved one. I'm sure
the pain will heal with God's help. Just be strong and hold on to your faith. Will pray for you Umma!

that is so sad.. i am sorry to hear that umms.. how unfortunate naman.. sunod2 ang bad news. here's praying that God will lift you up. i know it is hard to lose a loved one. and it is harder still to lose another in so short a time. be safe always umms.. know that you have a beautiful family and good friends who will mourn with you and will pray with you in these trying and sad times. God bless!

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Umma, I'm sorry to hear again that another family member passed away... I hope and pray this will be the last...:-)

oh Ummz, sorry to hear that..i wish you are okay..have a safe trip. Be strong. Everything has a reason.

Oh my sistah...I am very very sorry to hear this...:( I hope all is well....I will be missing you sistah....have a safe trip. au-au diha permi ha...mwah!

Sad to know that you are still in mourn and another one comes just months apart.

Be strong. God bless!

i'm so sorry to hear about the sad news. my prayers go for you and your family. have a safe trip.

sorry to hear this. May you and your family have the strength to cope this difficult times.have a safe trip.=)

I'll include you and your family in my prayers. Stay strong and continue praying in this time of crisis. Have a safe trip.

sorry to hear that..

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so sorry to know about this mommy ums.. ingat ka palagi ha? will be praying for u and ur family..

God bless..

My condolences Umma.. I know it's tough getting this sort of news.. A second blow at such a short interval but hope that you'll be strong and seek comfort from those whom you loved that are still around you.. Time will heal the pain and loss.. Take care sweet Umma..

sorry to hear this! :(

you will be missed!

im sorry to hear this..
take care.

My condolences to you and your family.

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Sorry to hear that..I'll pray for you and your family safety..Be strong again for this one.

Hi Nans, our family will be praying for you.. Sorry for your loss!

Sad to hear about that sis.Condolence.Sending our prayers to your Mom.Be strong Mommy & don't loose faith on Him.We'll miss you.Take care during the trip.

hello umma its me again blue
just dropping by here have a great day and happy blogging to you my friend

sorry to hear about it Umz..:(

Niko told me about this, hoping you are doing okay kahit papano. Girl, be strong and have faith in God always. These trials will pass too.

Sad to read this..But be strong friend..I know everything will be back for good. Sending you hugs and prayers..=)

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Condolence to you and your family. May you find comfort in God's love. Hugss and God bless.

Sorry to hear this. It must be difficult losing loved ones lalo na magkasunod. Just pray and know that God is with you. Take care!

I am saying a prayer for you and your family. May God grant you and yours the courage to go on.

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Oh my god.. I'm very, very sorry to hear about this.. I really am. Please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family. Be strong.. evrything happens for a reason. I hope you can brave through this. I feel for you. Do take care of yourself.

So sorry dear just read this post Rose or Chubskulit also is in the same situation from her family in the Philippines am praying for you continuously....

sorry to hear that. i was suppose to let you know about the award i gave you but instead i saw this post. my prayers are with you and your family.

Hello sistah! sorry to hear what happen...

I am so sorry about the sad happenings. Hope everything's well with you now.