Why Long, Straight Hair is Attractive to Most Men

I read one interesting article that featured why men normally find women attractive if she is sporting a straight long mane instead of curly or short hair. I guess, this is so true because I myself is a fan of keeping up a long hair. I had a straight, thick long hair ever since I could remember. I believe having a long hair makes you feel more sexy and attractive to guys.

image from google

Just like what I've noticed from the show "The Millionaire Matchmaker", all the ladies were advised to get a long straight hair if they have a littlest hint of curls from their hair before the initial meeting with the bachelors. The professional love guru on that program said, that men personally prefer silky straight hair. But what makes it funny is that if you mentioned "sexy hair", in the mags it normally pictures or shows big waves of curls like those from the Victoria Secret models.

So what's the real deal? Do men really favor straight, long hair compare to curly or short hair?

I guess, it's all about the hype in TV and magazine spreads, for the reason that men viewed lot of celebrities and much of publicity promotions that caused them to feel more attraction to ladies with straight, silky long hair. While in the past, men just loved women with beautiful curly hair. Did you get the point here?


niko said...

naku si yobib sobrang in love sa hair ko.. kung sana naging hair na lng daw ako mare hahah :)

musta ka jan?? very busy ba? i have something to tell u. very important! :) wink

Umz {^o^} said...

hahaha.. I guess fafa Y is one conservative guy that's why.

But you look gorgeous in your long straight hair ha?