Bologna Italy is Known for its Tourist and Cuisine

T he city of Bologna, Italy is long-familiar with its haute culinary art, its amphistylar or porticoed streets and neighborhoods and of course being the home of one of the oldest Universities in Europe. So if you enjoy food and meeting people, Bologna is a great tourist destination to be put on your list.

Bologna Italy - What is Bologna Italy known forBeing known as the most developed cities in Italy, Bologna frequently being ranked as one of the top cities and became a very important railroad and highway hub in Italy.

Bolognese SauceFamous for its cuisine, the Bolognese pasta sauce, which is made of beef and tomato paste was brought into existence because of their culinary tradition.

Likewise, Bologna is being recognized as the "Basket City" which is relevant to their obsession with basketball which is slightly odd since Italy is a football-dominated country. However, the highly esteemed University of Bologna is situated in Bologna, Italy. Established in the year 1088 and being considered as the oldest university in Europe and was of great significance for European intellectual ability throughout the Middle Ages.

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