Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After

I guess most of you have known Bruce Jenner who was a former U.S. track and field athlete and a decathlon winner during the 1976 Summer Olympics. This fellow was actually a handsome dude albeit a Jimmy Conners' hairdo, don't you think so?

But lately watching him in their family reality TV show is kind of appalling while looking on his tight unnatural face, I guess too much Botox is going on in his system I believe. Ever since after his surgery, he was the subject of unfavorable criticism and has been the butt of jokes.

But at least, he's trying to rectify his nose job and facelift being performed couple of years ago where results didn't come out as expected.

Anyway, he seems to be a sweet guy and hopefully those awful jokes will eventually stop because the guy deserves a respect. He will turn 60 this year and he wishes to reverse the procedure to get a more natural look and according to the report, his family was exalted with the outcome.

Maybe somebody could possibly explain the rational thoughts why celebrities are so obsessed with their looks. Below are the few noted pictures for you to judge.

Bruce Jenner before and after surgeryBruce Jenner
Bruce was actually Adonis looking guy when he was young and sans surgery, I don't know why he opted for a surgery to look this way.

Nikki Cox- after the surgeryNikki Cox
Like millions of people, it was shocking to see Nikki Cox who guested in the hit TV series "Ghost Whisperer". She had a lovely face before and what on earth she was thinking when she decided to make her lips look like Lisa Rinna?

Victoria Beckham in a boob jobVictoria Beckham
Basically I hate breast implants, looking at Posh's picture.. can you mark the difference which is the real one? Well, that's how beauty can be easily bought by money.

Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
Thinking back in his heyday, Burt Reynolds was the epitome of a macho man who was so cool and real. But now, he looks like a wax figure with no blood and lack of vitality especially when looking to his flimsy and tight face.


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