Cash for Clunkers Qualifying Cars

Cash for clunkers-cash for clunkers government programT here's no truth to the speculative reports about the suspension of the "Cash for Clunkers" because the government program is still up and running all the way through the weekend...at least for now.

According to reports, the program is reaping tremendous success across the nation as more dealership are selling more than 200,000 cars under the Cash for Clunkers program in a matter of one week. Therefore, it prompted the Congress to work on a plan for an additional fund that would increase the budget for a total of $2 billion dollars.

The government CARS program popularly known as "Cash for Clunkers" is a program that gives opportunity to trade-in your old gas guzzling cars or pick up for a new more efficient and environment friendly car. If you qualified, you are entitled to a $4,500 rebate once you purchase for another new car.

So make use of this extension to your advantage, take a look at the list of the qualifying cars for Cash for Clunkers program at cars.gov FAQ section.

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