College Student Getting Ready for School at Sears

I ts the time of life once again that parents will be sending off their kids to school. How time flies so fast I couldn't help but reminiscing my college days way back ahead when cash wasn't flowing that much.

It was the time when me and my two siblings went to universities simultaneously while both were taking up medical courses. I could felt my parents were totally exhausted financially considering that three of us needed more money for our tuition much less with our daily allowance.

To weigh down their burden, I was balancing my schedule in going to school while holding a part time job at the same time but regardless how you exerted effort on it, it never seemed to be enough. So I guess, it is typical for college students eating meals like Ramen, skimp with their meager allowance or lend some money from their friends.

However good news to our students nowadays, as Sears CampusReady can help them minimize their expenses by providing fabulous deals on accessories and clothing in addition with the apartment and dorm necessities . Apart from that, Sears even introduce the reload-able gift cards if there happen to be requiring some funds, parents can reload it whether online or any of the Kmart or Sears stores nationwide which is very convenient.

If one of your family , relatives and friends are going off to college, it is worthy checking out their nifty Facebook application that Sears has created. Yes! it's called CampusReady on Facebook that makes student life easier , less expensive and campus ready.

The site is loaded with all things that your kids need in preparation for college life. Like giving you ideas on how to design your dorm room, clever advice on how to be prudent and a lot more ingenious stuff, how I wish we experienced these kind of deals when we were young.

At this point, I only have a toddler at home and it will takes couple of years before he will start going to school. But it really doesn't matter whether I have a student or not, I do my shopping at Sears because of their unbeatable prices and last week, I bought some stylish jeans at a fraction of their cost.


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