Erin Andrews Video Link, Peephole Video Cache Download

T he Erin Andrews peephole video is still making lots of buzz in the net since the controversial video erupted last week. Seemed like more people are getting familiar with her story while others even searched for Aaron Andrews. And those of you who just gotten this chatter lately, you can check a brief summary here.

They said that the so-called video was already been up online since the month of February but nobody has paid attention until last week. This naked video of Erin Andrews was being taped by some pervert without her consent through a peephole. ESPN attorneys have ordered already for the removal of the uploaded video from the original site yet, it created more controversies and bigger waves from the internet-surfing public.

However, there is a catch that you need to take precaution, since hackers knew that you are looking for an illicit video, the video therefore will be likely loaded with virus. So if you are trying to search the cache of the video from other sites, make sure to be smarter when sticking that mouse.

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