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T ake a look at the pictures of Hailey Glassman who is the new girlfriend of Jon Gosselin from the hit series "Jon and Kate Plus 8" reality show. Hailey Glassman , who is only 22 year old and the daughter of the doctor who performed the tummy tuck to Jon's ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

I don't judge her intentions why she is dating Jon who has 8 kids, but didn't she realize having an 8 kids in a relationship is like having a conviction of death sentence? I believe this kind of relationship will not last because of the family conflict Jon is dealing with.

But the main issue here for Jon is that, he has eight kids to take care first and should put them as his top priority more than anything else. Perhaps, his new girlfriend must be a nice person but attending 8 kids considering her age is likely refutable. Don't you agree?

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