Improve your Football Performance with Cleats

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I n this present generation, I guess Football is the number one sport being widely admired and followed by million of sport enthusiasts all over the globe. Partly the explanation for this its because football is a fun sport and require little effort to understand the game aside from the fact that the equipment being used is simply one ball.

Taking into account that this sport is being worshiped and watched by millions of fans worldwide, I am not actually a fan of football. But in contrary, my husband loves this sport and expect him to be glued on TV every instance he watches his favorite team.

I remember when he was watching the World Cup with our house full of friends while they were rooting for the Korean team. The room was filled with expectation while I was busy in the kitchen and all of sudden I could hear them uttering in a loud voice with a mix of laughter and yell. I guess, nothing can beat the contagious excitement they feel whenever they are watching the game.

He even plays football with friends once in a while and since football involves a lot of strength and agility, it is indeed a good exercise instead of going to the gym. Not long enough, he did request me to buy him new football cleats and Football Shin Guards for their weekend practice which I readily complied after checking the football Merchandise guide I found online.

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hello sistah kung gwafa..salamat kaau sa comment sistah ha..bisan tuod ug busy ka diha, naka visit gyapon ka sa akoa....:)

kumusta naman mo diha? how's your weekend? Kami ni Akesha nag adto rami sa park gahapon, tapos nag shopping me gamay...you know..just to ease the loneliness...pero today, sa balay lang me sistah kay super init man kaau dire..gahapon lang gani nga 103....karon murag 3 digits lang siguro japun...diha sistah? unsa man ang weather diha?

woi, am happy for yah..at least nana kay malibangan diha....mahimo man kaha ka aning chef sistah ha....unsa man imo gna bake? cake/pastries or meals..well, I suppose both...hehhehe..sigurado jud ni nga proud kaau si banana mo...great job sistah!

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nag shopping nasad mo this weekend sistah? kumusta naman si YL? wala nako ka kita sa iyang pics...am sure he's a big guy now...:)

thanks for cheering me up sistah ha...much appreciated...:) sige agi ko dire kadali kay mag blog hop sako...absent raba ko last night...au-au diha...mwah...mwah!