Madonna's Arms: Bulging Biceps, Portruding Veins Probably Unhealthy

W hat's up with Madonna's sinewy arms and buff-beyond-belief biceps, granted she is a fitness fanatic but looking at her scary arms riddled with veins indicated the result of her diet and obvious hardcore training. I guess she needs to ditch the weights and grab a sandwich instead as she is training like an athlete.

Its time to quit Madonna and stop setting yourself through a punishing routine same as the professional athletes do, your obsession to discover the fountain of youth seems to yield off-the-wall veiny arms while pushing intense workout too far. What do you think of the Material girl's protruding veins that look so unhealthy?

Madonna's Arm
Madonna- Madonna's arms


Verity said...

Well, Madonna might have been in bodybuilding and body weights through all her years since she obtained such kind of bionic muscle toning more particularly her biceps and a protruding veins.

levy said...

it's scary! looks like one of the zombies in the night of the living dead. haha!