Michael Jackson Funeral Tickets

I was still in Taipei when the news broke about the death of Michael Jackson, at first I cannot believe that he was gone forever until it really soaked in my system. I was emotional every time I heard the news on TV while watching the pictures of the King of Pop.

Shortly, after the news I tried to check the Amazon.com because I wanted to purchase some of his greatest hit albums for souvenir. Certainly, his dance and music will live on from generation to generation, that's the legacy he imparted to the entire world.

{ Fans writing some messages to Michael Jackson outside the Neverland Ranch }

Good thing to know that his memorial will be held at the Staples Center in downtown, LA on the 7th of July. There will be two sessions for the public viewing which will be set at around 10 AM and the other one will be at 12 PM with ticket on sale at $25. However, filling up the floor seats will be dedicated to all VIP's that include Michael Jackson's family and friends.

Hoping we would be able to take a last glimpse of Michael Jackson before he will perpetually reposed to rest.


kittykat said...

Hello sis..are you back??how are you my dear.do let me know if you are..been calling your phone but nobody was answering I figured maybe you are still in Taipei..please do let me know ok..miss you..

GAGAY said...

te ums!!!

musta? yayks, i know my comment here is very from this michael jackson thingy u have,.heheh!

anyway, i really missed u te!

God Bless!

..of being a medical student.

Beth said...

Welcome back, Umma! Thanks for sharing this! :)

amiable amy said...

wish i could be there too...but, that would be impossible hahaha...i know you have the chance though