T here are lot of buzz and arising search trend around the net showing curiosity if Miley Cyrus is pregnant or rather three months pregnant courtesy of her on and off boyfriend Nick Jonas from the famous Jonas brothers.

Miley Cyrus pregnant

Sorry to disappoint you guys but the answer is a big NO to that speculation as there is no reliable source about this issue. Therefore, she is not pregnant but she is currently dating one of the member of Jonas brothers, Nick.

Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Picture
I guess this type of rumor doesn't bring an impact to Miley anymore. Did you recapture her past scandals where she was featured in Vanity Fair magazine posing in a provocative picture as shown above as well as her MySpace photo which aroused so much controversy?

In spite of apparent refutation, we better leave this kid alone and let her enjoy adolescence.

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if that would happened Miley Cyrus will ruin her teen image to the public

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that is good to know that its only a rumor, she knew whats good for her and her career...

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Hi sis..I think this is just a rumor that Miley's camp started..maybe to help promote her new movie..just to stir up some controversy for her movies' sake..don't you think..??

hahhaa...very well said sistah...leave her alone and focus on your own problem people...mind your own business for sure....hehehhe!

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