Roger Federer Beats Andy Roddick for Wimbledon Men's Final

I just love watching tennis matches but I guess this time I feel that this is the Longest Wimbledon Final I ever watched. For the Wimbledon Men's singles final this Sunday, Roger Federer beats Andy Roddick in an epic 5-set match and sealed 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14 classic win that afforded Federer to the 15th Grand Slam title for Men Singles.

Roger Federer Wimbledon FinalsIt was a nervous, exciting and a nail biting showdown that was dragged for more than four hours yet I was really hooked on TV because the game was indeed truly captivating.

As far as I can remember, the longest timed Wimbledon singles final showdown lasted for four hours and 16 minutes in 1982.

Image source via Getty Images


kittykat said...

love your new header sis..about this news it really pisses me off..hahaha..i don't really like Roger Federer..I would have loved it if Andy won..but I guess he's no much to Federer's skills specially in grass..too bad Rafa is still suffering from his injury..

dhemz said...

oh my dear sistah Umz...wohoooo finally nakadungog na jud ko from you...been longing to hear from you sistah....have missed you a lot...as in! glad you guys are back.

Na shock ko sa imo page sistah...abi nako ug nawa ko...wow! very pretty....love the color...very chicky!

Take some rest...I know you need it...how's your lil guy...hope all is well....au-au permi sistah....:) mwah!