Sarah Palin Resigns as Governor

T he Alaska governor, Sarah Palin has announced this Friday her resignation as a governor that will be effective later this month while Lt. Governor Sean Parnell will administer an oath on July 25th to take over her position as governor .

Her public announcement is so timely being set on the eve of the 4th of July holiday that gives a certain impression to elude publicity when most Americans had started off a 3-day holiday weekend.

Sarah Palin was being confronted and followed closely by a sort of repeated ethical complaints, where numerous of her alliance regarded such inquiries as frivolous.

It was even reported this week from the Anchorage Daily News that these charges against her governance had extended to almost $300,000 where a great deal of that amount was being owed to the alleged Troopergate probe of Palin. Yet ever since going back to Alaska after the vice presidential campaign, other difficulties still confronts her apart from the ethical questions that she is facing right now.

Overall, her recent move creates the image more apparent which leave us one conclusion that Sarah Palin plainly cannot handle effectively her job in these times that her charm and popularity has dipped and oil incomes are down to a lower intensity.

Certainly, expect to hear more news about Palin as the skeletons are starting to fall out of her closet.


Cecile said...

Umma, musta ka na dear :-); I am glad to see you back blogging.

Have a great 4th of July dear!

Beng said...

Hi Umma, it's nice you're back.. you're badly missed here. I hope you're okay now. God Bless.

amiable amy said...

Hehehe...i know dili ka ganahan sa iyaha, shhh.If her decision is for political move to a higher position, I had a doubt that its not reasonable. People who loves her in Alaska would be mad for leaving in the middle of everything. But, her adviser knows better in politics. So, let's see what will happen.

If its for personal move, I would do the same. I don't care what other people say, i will focus on my family. I do not want others to intrude my family life. Those harsh comments are too much! Hands Up ba...hahaha. Murag, ang ga point finger sa iyaha nga she is bad, perfect lugar. Anyway, Dawbi kay i am not in her shoes man. So, let us see what will happen.

I am her fan...shhh...now you know!LOL.I followed her tweet.