Total Solar Eclipse of 2009 July 22

G et ready for the solar eclipse on July 22nd 2009 and witness the amazing obscuration of the light of the sun by the intervention of the moon between it and a point on the earth. The solar eclipse can be viewed from the most densely populated regions like India, Japan, China and some continents from Asia.

 solar eclipse this week-solar eclipse 2009
It is predicted that this phenomenal solar eclipse will be the longest that could last for 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

However, when you try to google when will be the next solar eclipse in the US, it shows that a similar phenomenon could happen until 21st of August 2017. What? 18 years from now, my baby boy will be all grown up then and but at least he has the chance to watch it.

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Cookie said...

partial ra man among makita diri still, i hope to see it, hehe.

By the way, hope you can drop by at my blog and view Chloe's 'debut' performance, hehe. I also posted her bday pics at her blog. Tnx!

Have a great week in there, too! Miss yah my dear!!mwahh

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