Victoria and David Beckham on a Seychelles Cruise to Celebrate Anniversary

T he gorgeous couple, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham were celebrating their 10th year anniversary on a Seychelles cruise. David looked tanned and every inch of a hunk revealing his lean legs and tattooed torso in a tight navy blue Armani trunks. While Posh was shown here donning a two piece in metallic gray while wrapping her hair in a towel.

The equally fashionable pair were spied unwinding on board a lavish yacht while threading through the Indian Ocean. They both look so yummy , isnt it?

Victoria Beckham-David Beckham-Cruise-Travel cruise
The erstwhile Spice Girl showing off her bikini body with a sarong while spraying sunscreen on David Beckham's back.
Cruises-cruise lines-Beckham
I guess they are one ideal couple as they managed their relationship to stay intact for 10 years despite some rumors surrounding their marriage. Or maybe Posh's nonchalantly attitude in dealing those issues made their union remained solid as for now.


pehpot said...

I don't if this is just insecurity or what pero madame, parang there is something wrong with them haha.. they are soooo perfect! unfair talaga ang Earth.. I don't mind if my hubby is not as good looking as David but how I wish I have Victoria's bod..huhu

help me a win a mac and you will win too

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iceah said...

cool couple they are c: I wish I could have her body c:

Dhemz said...

I wish I could have her body too...but I guess I need to have a boob job and a tummy tuck....just like her...nyahhahaa....happy na ako sa bod ko at least d sya fake.....kidding!

musta na sistah dear? miss to hear from you...hope all is well sistah kung gwafa...may PMS kaba diha? kumusta inyon weekend sistah?

Amo ni Akesha kay mingaw man...duty man jud ni hubby nasad sa airforce..tapos we will be alone...kay he's leaving for 2 weeks...iya annual tour sa South carolina....:)

ikaw sistah, unsa man lingaw mo diha? miss you a lot...:) mwah!

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niko said...

i admire them! maybe they are made for each other tlaga mare ko :)

your inaanak is sick since weekend mare :( di ako pumasok kahapon to observe her.. malikot pa rin pero pabalik balik ang lagnat may ubo at sipon pa :(

i have to report to work na now so iniwan ko ulit sa lola nia. haay how i wish nga pwedeng hindi ako pumasok eh.. :( sadness ako today. haay

how are u mare?

kittykat said...

Swerte naman ni Victoria sis..aside from good looking and really hot si David he is a good football player and earns a lot..talking bout good fortune huh..how are you pala..been quiet again lately..busy with YL i suppose..