Walter Cronkite Died caused by Cerebral Vascular Disease

cerebral vascular disease-walter cronkite-cerebrovascular disease
T he CBS news anchorman, Walter Cronkite was reportedly passed away yesterday at the age of 92 who according to family members had suffered from cerebrovascular disease or cerebral vascular disease.

Known as the "most trusted man" in America, Walter Cronkite was anchoring the CBS Evening News from the year 1962 till 1981 that made him famous as the most powerful journalist in the 20th century.

Cerebrovascular disease is a cluster of brain disfunctions linked to disease of blood vessels that supply the brain. Mostly people who are seniors, smokers, diabetic or have a ischemic heart disease, could suffer from the cerebrovascular disease. The result of having these kind of illness can lead to stroke or hemorrhagic stroke.

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