Assault In The Ring: Billy Collins Jr. vs. Luis Resto

I f you are unaware about the sport story between Luis Resto and Billy Collins, Jr. you should watch the "Assault in the Ring" which will be aired tonight at 10 pm ET on HBO channel. This is a documentary film about the 1983 Welterweight fight amongst two boxers and the succeeding result on both parties along with the NY sports landscape as well as the world of boxing.

I believe it is one of the most compelling story in the history of sports but depends on how you regard the situation of this film or perhaps you'll feel an inclination of support or confusion surrounding the story.

But at least the documentary did straighten up some light on that atrocious night which happened 26 years ago, when Trainer Panama Lewis removed the padding from Resto's gloves before he biffed Collins with his powerful punches that ended up his opponent a messy face and serious welts around his eyes.

Collins suffered a horrifying blows and beating from that fight however, barely after a year, he died in a car accident at the age of 22. Somehow charges were filed and Resto and his trainer were convicted and both served jail time for 3 years. They were also revoked and banned for life from boxing.

With the lack of financial resources, Resto is now living in a basement in one of the Bronx boxing ring while suffering bouts of depression.

What a sad ending to a promising boxer ruined by a mentor.

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