Autopsy: Cocaine Played a Role in Billy Mays' Death

Cocaine killed TV pitchman Billy Mays
T he Hillsborough County released the autopsy reports that shows pitchman Billy Mays has used cocaine that contributed to his sudden death last June.

According to reports, despite the fact that Billy Mays died from heart attack while asleep, cocaine used was responsible for the cause of his death.

Billy Mays became a household name with his energetic commercials peddling gadgets and cleaning products and like Oxi Clean, Orange Glo, Mighty Putty and dozens more.
He was a pop culture fixture easily noticed by his blue shirt and thick beard.

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kittykat said...

he is like the nth famous person who died of overdose..will they ever learn that using illegal substances is dangerous..kaya nga illegal right..go figure..

oist sister..maiba tayo..hope I could get to see a portion of your work..love to do that sa bahay din kaya lang baka magalit si Lola..hehehe..that's her house and she might freak out if she finds the whole in color green..hehehe..though most of it is in green already..the last time she was here and had the house done I was with her during the purchasing of the new stuffs so I had somewhat influenced her..we were both laughing..I took a leave from work that time..coz I just had my heart broken..so i ended babysitting her instead..when my mom saw the house she said she can see my name written all over the place..

hala!ang haba na nito ah..just goes to shoe I miss our chit chat already..didn't imagine I had so many things to tell you...save them for later..