Free Stouffer’s Product Coupons from Panini Contest

I m sure Canadian residents would love to hear about this ongoing contest hosted by Stouffer's. I hope some of you will be able to join and experience this tremendous opportunity to win their cool prizes.

Stouffer's is currently launching a new publicity to promote the Stouffers-panini sandwiches. The contest is to celebrate the success of their newly launched Stouffers-panini with four varieties to choose from such the like of Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables & Goat Cheese, Bistro Meatballs & Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka.

Just seeing their new flavor of panini sandwiches made me slabber because they look so yummy and scrumptious, perfect for moms who are always on the go. I used to buy the lean cuisine food because they are not only tasty and nutritious but convenient as well.

Back to the contest, actually the prizes at stake are so cool as you could be one lucky winner of the three grand prizes as follows:

- Choice of Italy, India, France and Greece destinations (3 Grand Prizes worth $10, 000 Gift Card)
- Sony Digital Camcorders with value of $500 (1 of 12 Secondary Prizes)
- Free Stouffer’s Product coupons (Daily Instant Prizes)

If I will be the winner, I would choose the trip to Greece or Italy that would be an awesome experience. Lucky are those who are Canadian residents because they will be able to join these kind of contest. But make sure to register here first so you can get a free play entry to the contest and you will be able to enter a unique UPC code each day.

And dont forget to check the Stouffers-panini site to learn further about the mechanics of the contest so it would be easier for you to join the contest.


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