Jasmine Fiore fotos

T he Jasmine Fiore Fotos / Jasmine Fiore Body - Here are some of the Jasmine Fiore Fotos whose mangled body was found inside the Buena Park dumpster stuffed in a suit case. As being reported, her lifeless body was been identified by the authorities with the help of the serial numbers found in her breast implants. Good thing breast implant has its own serial numbers otherwise police will have a hard time identifying her body because it was badly mutilated plus her fingers and teeth were taken off to hinder her identification.

The main suspect of this murder case is her ex-husband Ryan Jenkins who is now a fugitive and being the subject of an international manhunt. US Marshals services are currently offering a $25,000 bounty for his whereabouts.
Jasmine Fiore fotos - Jasmine Fiore bodyJasmine Fiore fotos - Jasmine Fiore body

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