Liskula Cohen vs. Rosemary Port: Who’s Hotter?

T he name Liskula Cohen / Rosemary PortRosemary Port and Liskula Cohen cat fight has started quite a stir over the net when Rosemary Port anonymously authored a blog entitled "Skanks in NYC". She was penning the Ex Vouge model, Liskula Cohen some negatives names like ho, skanks and psychotic whore.

Therefore, it prompted Liskula Cohen to file a $3 million defamatory lawsuit where she won a ruling from court that forced Google to reveal the identity of the anonymous author of the said blog. Though at this moment, she already dropped the charges against Rosemary Port.

However, Rosemary Port wasn't showing any remorse and made a counter attack to Google suing the giant company with a $15 million federal lawsuit for “breaching its fiduciary duty to protect her expectation of anonymity”.

Liskula Cohen
Rosemary Port blog- Rosemary Port Skanks in NYC blog

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