Morrocan Tagine Dish

Tagine - Morrocan TagineD id you hear about Tagine, I was watching "Who wants to be a Millionaire" earlier and one of the question that popped out was about Tagine, so it piqued my curiosity to google what is all about Tagine.

I've learned that a Tagine is a customary way of cooking in a certain dish or pot as shown in the picture. This kind of dish was originally found in north African grubs of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia which is being called after this special pot in which it is cooked.

For the most part, traditional Tagine pot is shaped entirely of a glazed heavy clay that made of two parts such as the flat circular base unit with low sides and a cover shaped as a large cone that rests inside the base while cooking. The dome-shaped cover is designed to bolster the return of condensation to the bottom part.

Morrocan Tagine cuisine is the most famous one and considered to be the original, being slow cooked stew braised at low temperature, to create a soft tender meat with a pungent flavor vegetable and sauce. Nowadays, you can find tangine dish made of iron and ceramic.

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