NFL Fantasy FootBall Player draft

H ave you heard about the Fantasy Football, this is a new site that we found which was created by few erstwhile Wall Street guys who have strong passion in playing football. My hubby was so excited about it because he has a serious football habit and just love to play the game so we set up an account for him at WaiverWire.

The site keeps him addicted while he gets free real time fantasy player information along with research and player rankings as he can do his own research to get player comparison, player rankings, injury information, strength of schedule and projects. He's been trying to explore the Guru zone in testing his knowledge in the Guru challenge too.

He also love the forum section where you can ask questions from the Fantasy Football experts along with the news section as you can gain most recent news information on Fantasy Football.

So if you love playing fantasy football, this website is right for you as the site was being built while applying the tools, format and techniques from analyzing stocks to NFL player and fantasy football team analysis. WaiverWire is your absolute source for fantasy football rankings, drafting software, news, projections, statistics and analysis to help you win your fantasy league.

It depends on what features you are interested once you sign up for membership as the price ranges from FREE to $29.99. There is a $9.99 membership fee if you want to have a real time player as well as the so-called "The Stimulus package" that serves as a free drafting tool. Its' actually a good deal if your guy is a hard core football fanatic. So don't miss to grab this fantastic opportunity.


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