Obama Health Care Logo

obama health care logoT his is the Obama Health Care logo (left side) that is being compared to the Nazi logo (right side). The new logo is bringing up so much controversy by some people whom I guess are seeing a black president instead of a person but in my personal opinion, I see nothing wrong with this logo.

Over again, this controversy just demonstrates how blogging has developed into a score for headlines and I believe people that are easily persuaded would pay attention to somebody like Mr. Limbaugh. Albeit I don't acknowledged that the health care revamp bill is the antidote, the entire resolution to the issue is not CRITICISM or unfavorable judgment with no solution.

We ought to end this two-party agendas and political games and begin to move forward to a better direction. Cease the Democratic and Republican mentality, we are all Americans and we are people who are entitled of fair play be in health care or any other matter. The fact is, some long standing discrimination and alienation will only turn out more entrenched.

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niko said...

i agree with you. there's nothing wrong with that logo. i guess it's the dirty politics again. u have a respectable president and this dirty tricks are works of envious politicians who are greedy of power.

buti pa nga kayo may obama. i am wishing we will have an obama here in the philippines too! It will hard to vote for one decent president on 2010 I am praying for fr. Ed panlilio to run for president! ;)

thanks for greeting ghie mare. :) have you seen ur inaanak on her blog?? she is growing up soo fast and very mobile :) last night was one of the memorable nights for me as a mom.. i will have to blog about that later. How is YL?? Miss him..

miss you mare! please take care always. mwah mwah