Obama Joker Poster Photo Causes Stir on Web

H ave you seen the pictures of President Obama joker poster in one of the LA highway overpass? I guess some idle guys pasted these graffiti images of Obama with dark eye shadow and smudged lipstick that created a remarkable resemblance to the famous Dark Night's Joker portrayed by the late Heath Ledger followed by a caption of "Socialism" at the bottom of the images.

The Obama Joker poster has stimulated quite a stir on the web and even reached the streets of Atlanta these days. Nobody knows who is the culprit for this obscure “political statement”.

Apparently, these idiots who arrogated that Obama is a Socialist are clueless what's the meaning of Socialism. No wonder European nations dont give some respect to most Americans anymore as we allow one political party to frighten us by doing what the minority wants us to do.

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