Paula Abdul Twitter

Paula Abdul Twitter
A fter a taut negotiation with Fox for a new deal, Paula Abdul has announced on her Twitter page that she is departing American Idol.

Surely she will be missed by her fans after being the judge of the show for the eight consecutive seasons. I guess the reason for her departure is her paycheck where compare to the host Ryan Seacrest is way too underpay.

Ryan Seacrest who lately cut a deal reportedly signed a $10 million per year while Paula's salary figure is close to 2 to 4 million dollar a year. What a big difference, but hey American Idol brought Paula Abdul fading career to limelight and gave her fame once again. For me, 4 million is acceptable for sitting on the table and bringing on the map. Not a wise move for the aging Paula Abdul.

Anyway, I will be missing the squabbling between Simon and Paula then.

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