TruTV's Black Gold is New on Wednesday Nights

I admit, we are a big fan of TruTV channel and we are truly delighted to learn about the new program entitled truTV BLACK GOLD that brings new meaning to actuality. This new reality TV show brought to you from the creator of the of the Deadliest Catch and the Ice Road Truckers that premiered last 19th of August which focuses on the lives of Texas oil workers.

Nobody has created this kind of program before about the toughest, strongest guys who only have fifty days to drill 4 back-breaking holes. Their jobs are very dangerous and strenuous that require a tough job training.

Im pretty sure there are lot of people who have watched the Ice Road Truckers which for me was one of the most fascinating real-life shows being produced and now here comes the second season that only proves how documentary shows like these are widely accepted.

The show reveals how hard it could be to be a roughneck working on these kind of dangerous jobs that can easily cost their lives. These men are deadly serious about their job because one wrong move is very critical. I cant imagine working for long hours on the oil rig where job training is practically plunking the newcomer into the rig and let him loose. Perhaps my employee review will be full of expletives and I will end up being yelled by the crew chief because of acting like idiot.

Check out the truTV BLACK GOLD characters and see how the toughest roughnecks from West Texas put all their efforts to complete an impossible job.

Do you have any idea what would be the truTV BLACK GOLD Healthcare cost involved in producing these kind of reality shows? I believe the network is responsible to any circumstances that may occur.


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