Big Revelation on Red Chair Confessions

I admit am getting hooked watching the viral Youtube videos called Red Chair Confessions , I did watch the three videos so far and I have a good time guessing and looking forward what was to be revealed in the next video.

I believe many of us have made their part in speculating or guessing game like noticing her outfits, peachy scarfs that were brought altogether in each version. In the couch video, I spotted her psychiatrist was jotting down words like necklace, scarf and bag and it gave me the impression that it must be a company selling accessories online.

But my guess was totally wrong as finally the company behind this viral ad campaign was being revealed after disclosing the woman secret addiction was all about Talbots. The same company who dressed my mom and I've driven past for how many times but never checked it out for the thought that it was a store designed for grandmas and Moms. But the truth is, Talbos have reinvented anew to cater more affordable, chic and fun place to shop. A place where young ladies and fashionable mom like me could happily visit and shop around.

Overall, I guess the ad campaign was brilliant as they really made people wonder and pique their curiosity. That's the reason that I immediately checked the Talbot's website to check their latest products and I was taken aback to see the changes on their clothing that look more modern, hip and affordable. Their shoes section caught my attention instantly as I fell in love with the range of shoes available in their site. Talbots has shaken off my first impression that the store is only for cantankerous old dame.

Lastly, please check out the revelation video below or you can visit the Talbot site to look for your favorite clothes and accessories.


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