Have you seen Therapist - check out Red Chair Confession

After couple of weeks have passed, an additional confession has came up from the Red Chair Confessions . This time, the person appears to be at odds while her tone is somehow very much alike from the previous confession where she was talking to a priest inside a confession booth.

Anyway, she gave me the impression of a relaxed woman talking to her therapist this time while babbling some of her problems. But she abruptly cut the session albeit the request from her therapist that she should pay for a full session just the same.

The lady seemed to keep her confession a top secret as she used her personal web cam at home and managed to record her elaborated confession in front of the camera. She put a time line for her secrets while saying she was bored and confused in searching for something.

After a while, she narrated how she pledged to herself not to do it again however, amidst to her recording, suddenly she stood up saying she is late for one particular thing. She hastily went off while unknowingly left her web cam on that caused to capture a small voice that said " Mom? I'm home".

So the whole picture seems to thicken with confusion as she just unintentionally unfolded that she is not only a young woman involved with some thing. She is actually a mom who perhaps wanted to get out of responsibility as a parent while leaving her home unattended when her kid reached home from school.

Stay tuned for her next confession as the truth may come out revealing her real issue. Yet, I cant figure out if she is having an affair or simply she is a crazy woman who has a shopping urgency or something in her mind.

Anyway, try to check out the video and judge for yourself whether we think the same way about her or you can go ahead and check more confessions at redchairconfessions.com


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