Hottest Party in Vegas - TruTV Rehab

A friend told me that there is a new truTV's Rehab show that premiered last 1st of September. I was unaware about this show so I asked my friend what is her thoughts about it and why she likes watching it. She then explained that "Rehab" is a giant pool party at Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas that tackles about the staff who keep the party-goers safe while the party keeps rolling.

Animated by her description about the show, it piqued my curiosity to watch the show and see for myself. I could feel how chaotic the party is but I was amazed how the staff keep the security under control while being conscientious with their high rollers customers.

Though Im not a party animal person but I can relate with the staffs on how they totally deal with some absurd and boozed up people. But what makes the Rehab party hot mainly because of the tons of good looking party-goers and celebrity performers frolicking around the pool area. My friend told me that people wait and line up just to get in and enjoy the hottest party at the pool.

We had an amazing time partying at Vegas when me and hubby were still dating and Vegas is indeed a place to paint the town red. Anyway, my friend told me some crazy stories about the Rehab like the barkeeper and waitress made some serious dough per week from the high rollers who caper around the party to make their presence visible.

However, for me I can identify myself with the staff who secure the party though few people are most likely to live vicariously through the beautiful people on the show. I am more interested to see the show focusing on those people instead of putting more attention to those pretty party goers because it serves as an example what real life TV is all about.

So check out for yourself the new craze in TruTV called "Rehab" or you can join the sweepstakes by visiting this site { http://www.getrehabready.com/index.html#link } to learn more about the specific of the contest. Who knows, you'll may be the lucky person to win a chance to party like a rock star at Rehab in Las Vegas.


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