Unique Fashion at Talbots - Classic Fashions for Women of Every Size

Last couple of weeks, I got hooked watching red chair confessions videos that could really piqued your curiosity. It was indeed fun guessing what will be the next revelations but was clueless who was behind these fun videos taking the net by storm. So I was surprised to realize that the company behind this campaign was Talbots. Yes, the same Talbots that helped my Mom and grandma dressed up in many occasions wearing stylish yet classic clothing.

Upon checking their website, I was pleasantly amazed how Talbots did a big change on their approach as granny style clothing are gone which are being replaced by chic and trendy clothes for young and old alike. I was impressed and kept on browsing that prompted me to purchase these new pair of riding boots which I fell in love at first sight.

After browsing more from their site, I found a set of red berry trench coat that gave me another reason to buy a new coat since fall season is just around the corner. Red is one great fall color and I wish to update my basic wardrobe with chic and trendy look. I was actually tempted to buy more stuff but I need to control my shopping spree otherwise I would be in trouble.

Overall, I was strucked with their collections and I have reasons to keep on coming back to Talbots as their items are up to date yet classic and fresh looking in style. Their prices are affordable but depending on the material of the items, their clothing has a unique style that fits well in size. I guess that's one advantage in shopping at Talbots.



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