JFGI Acronym - JFGI Meaning

jfgi meaning/ jfgl/ jgfi/ jfg/giyf

Are you familiar with the term JFGI as the new acronym which is currently sweeping all over the net these days? Well, actually this is the first time that I heard about the JFGI term that stands for “Just f**king Google it”.

In accordance with the Urban Dictionary, the newly discovered acronym JFGI is commonly used when people are asking some silly questions without consulting Mr. G beforehand.

However, there are some people who claim that the JFGI acronym was made because of the endless demand of a multinational company that requires employees to use an acronym for anything and everything, the more undecipherable the better.

There is even a much cultured version they called GIYF, which stands for “Google is your Friend”. Oh well, I guess the JFGI acronym sounds better for me, so its your pick.

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