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Car Reviews
My favorite car, if you are going to ask me what my favorite car of all time I would have to say is the one from General Motors the Cadillac Escalade. It is a full size luxury sports utility vehicle. Have you seen the hybrid version of the Escalade, which was released in 2008?

It was simply astonishing. I read a couple of reviews about it and more info about the car's performance, amenities and engine and fell in love with it even more.

I also read other reviews about other new models of cars from leading manufacturers like Subaru, Buick and Land Rover. Some of the brands I love as well. The Buick Lacrosse also a brand from GM only under the sedan type of car is releasing its 2010 model very soon. They have an overview of the said model in their website. Another great car for me is the Land Rover Range Rover.

It is another SUV but being made from United Kingdom. The range rover has evolved from being a non-luxury car to one of the first class luxury cars of today. There are so much to talk about when it comes to cars, car brands, performance and luxury. How I wish I could just talk about it and never ever stop.

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