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Eric Wrinkles who is a convicted killer and a death row inmate was featured on today's Oprah show to acknowledge his faults to his family members for the savage homicide of his estranged wife, his brother in law, and his brother in law’s wife.

Conforming to the case outline, in June 1994, Matthew Eric Wrinkles filed for a divorce from his wife Debbie. Throughout this time, Debbie Wrinkles had an order of protection impeding Eric Wrinkles from having liaison with her or their two children. During the divorce process, Debbie and the children transferred and moved in with her brother, Mark “Tony” Fulkerson and his wife, Natalie Fulkerson.

July 20, 1994, Eric Wrinkles and Debbie went to a divorce trial and subsequently had consented upon to come together a neighboring restaurant where Debbie would permit Eric Wrinkles to see his children. Debbie missed to show up for the meeting and following a number of failed efforts during the day, further meeting was never arranged.

On that fatal day of 21st of July 1994, the following morning, Matthew Eric Wrinkles appeared at the residence of Mark Fulkerson donning camouflage, face paint, and was armed with a .357 Magnum revolver and a knife. He climbed over a fence, snip the telephone lines and broke through to the rear doorway.

Once inside the Fulkerson’s house, he shot Mark Fulkerson 4 times, while in the presence of Mark Fulkerson’s then 3 year old son, Matt. Eric Wrinkles gone round his vengeance upon his estranged wife, Debbie. Eric Wrinkles then searched for Debbie and shot and killed her. Natalie Fulkerson attempted to exit the horrifying place but was trapped by Wrinkles as she led to foyer and was shot at close range that led her to death. Eric Wrinkles ran away after the occurrence but was captured the following day.

Eric Wrinkles was indicted with three counts of murder and the jury advocated without opposition the death penalty.

Eric Wrinkles apologized to his family member but not one and all accepted the apology. He denounced his behavior on July 21, 1994 on his Meth Amphetamine dependency and expressed that he on no account had purpose of killing anyone that morning. He said that he was preparing to go for hunting and stopped by the house to pay visit the children.

He agreed to appear on the show saying that he wished to give Matt, Kim, his 2 children and Tracy (Debbie’s 19 year old niece who was living with the family at the time of the murders) closure. The family has varied reaction to Eric Wrinkles death penalty sentence. He is arranged for capital punishment by lethal injection.

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