Happy 28th Birthday to a Beloved Friend, Niko

The last time I’ve expressed that I considered you as my best pal, I uttered it with a gist that takes pleasure in your company, cherish your sincerity, and delights in your terrific sense of humor.

I speak it with dedication that reaches from deep inside my heart while saying it through a friendly and joyful smile on my face and an appreciation of gratefulness. I'm saying it with admiration and sincerity and fondness when I claimed that you are one of my best pal.

And now, I'm conveying you this birthday note considering that it's the ideal moment to inform you that having somebody like you for a friend, somebody who's so truly pensive and lovely, is one of the best things that could take place to somebody like me.

I really appreciate your friendship mareng Niks.. I hope this message and my simple "gift" that I sent you last week will bring some smile into your pretty face. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

mwah mwah!!


Dhemz said...

very touchy and straight from the heart.....what a very sweet bithday message sistah dear.....:)

happy birthday mami Niks!

Musta na sistah kung gwafa? long time no hear...hehehee...malamig na ang simoy ng hangin sistah....musta ang weather diha? dire kay wala man klaro...ulan/init.

agi ko dire kadali, musta tuod inyong weekend? kami nag adto me sa mall ganina....kay nagpapicture si akesha kay santa....lol!

si YL mo imo na gida kay santa sa mall?

hope all is well sistah dear...miss you....have to hit the hay....take care!

amiable amy said...

Happy Birthday Niko girl. Kahilakon man pud ko basa ani mensahe ni gwapa girl oy. Anyway, i know nga strong kaayo inyo bonding...selos ko...hehehe...bitaw, happy birthday Niko girl and thanks for the kindness and friendship.

Umma gwapa, now pako visit kay tawon...naningkamot ko makapasar sa akoa class hehehe. May mani si Dhemz kay ALAS man jud target hehehe. Laag ko kay humana ako class. Be hopping here often. Miss you and YL tawon.

Cecile said...

such a sweet and touching message from you, dear :-)!

happy bday, Niko :-)

btw, miss YL, how is he now? I bet he is growing like weeds!

fedhz said...

aw.. ang sweet. ^^ i'm glad there are still people who offer real friendship. take care, Umma!

happy birthday, marce!

niko said...

you made me cry with this post mare.. i feel the same way and will always be with you no matter what! :) thank you for always being there for me.. i know ur always there! wink :)

bdw, i got the package just this afternoon.. i sent you email mare koy!!

thanks so much! i love love it!! mwha mwah mwah